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All About Our PVC

PVC film or Polyvinyl chloride is the world’s third-largest produced synthetic plastic polymer.

It maintains the quality of products subsequently made out of it.

  • Our PVC is of world class standards and is of unbeatable quality, as the ‘Perfect’ brand it is widely known and accepted for its durability and performance.
  • Available between 4.5 to 15 Mic.
  • Width is 75mm to 950mm.
  • Due to its superior bonding strength, PVC is often used for the purpose of Lamination.
  • PVC is also used to cover and laminate the outer surface of cartons that are used to store pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and readymade garments and hosiery.
  • Wraps for detergent cakes, soaps, books, posters; corrugated boxes for electrical appliances and gift items and window envelops are made from PVC.
  • Used for kela patta printing in place of Polyester and BOPP in 4-5 micron thickness.
  • Used to laminate copy cover.


4.5 Micron

160 sq. meter (Coverage/Kgs)

5 Micron

140 sq. meter (Coverage/Kgs)

6 Micron

120 sq. meter (Coverage/Kgs)

7 Micron

100 sq. meter (Coverage/Kgs)

8 Micron

85 sq. meter (Coverage/Kgs)

10 Micron

70 sq. meter (Coverage/Kgs)

12 Micron

60 sq. meter (Coverage/Kgs)

15 Micron

45 sq. meter (Coverage/Kgs)


Size – As per required size 75mm to 950 mm

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