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Avail our range of BOPP Transparent Film, Golden Bopp Film, Metalized BOPP Film, Metalized Polyester BOPP Film, etc. at the most competitive rates...

About Us

Packaging materials are one of the most commonly required materials in today's world. We, Perfect Packwell Industries, are a proud manufacturer and supplier of different types of films. Our range comprises Gift Wrapping Holographic Films, Polyester Holographic Films, BOPP Transparent Film, Golden BOPP Film, Metalized BOPP Film, Metalized Polyester BOPP Film, etc. We use high-quality products to manufacture our range. Our products are light weight, environment-friendly, made with the premium quality raw materials, and are available in different colors and shades. We have designed our policies in a manner which are meant to attract a host of clients and fulfill their requirement. All our products go through different tests to ensure their quality. Our team understands the importance of building relationships and that is one of the reasons we emphasize building an everlasting relationship with our clients.

Customer Satisfaction/Customer Policies

One of the most crucial members of an organization is its customers. They are the lungs of an organization. Like air is needed for human survival, similarly, customers' satisfaction is needed for company survival. We very well understand the importance of customer satisfaction and leave no stone unturned to fulfill their desires. We also accept payment in different modes such as online as well as offline. To provide a hassle-free experience of delivery to our clients, we ensure that we provide free doorstep delivery of our range to our clients. We also have a proper customer service executive department which is made to address the grievances of the clients if any.

Our Quality Policy

We believe in not fixing but rather eliminating the defects entirely to make sure that we don't encounter future problems. We learn from our mistakes daily and apply methods and tools for preventive quality assurance.

  • Our motives, directions and principles are based on requirements from global standards, customer's expectation and our learning.
  • Adequate knowledge and our ability to convert theoretical knowledge to the practical ability has helped us earn huge rewards for our company. Our compliance with these directives and processes is the foundation of our quality.
  • All our units are certified with ISO 9001:2015.

Why Perfect Packwell Industries?

What separates a great firm from a less successful firm is their ability to handle the people, their ability to keep their customers satisfied, understanding the customer requirements as well as delivering them the products that match or exceeds their expectations. Some factors which have contributed to our success include:

  • Transparency in business dealings
  • Adept team of professionals who are passionate about their work
  • Customizable range of products which cater to the requirement of different industries
  • Competitive pricing of our range BOPP Transparent Film, Golden BOPP Film, Metalized BOPP Film, Metalized Polyester BOPP Film, etc.

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